“My husband broke his phone, again, to the point of where the screen was not working at all, 5th drop too many maybe? I mean how many times can you drop a phone with an already cracked screen? Anyways, He found Dash online and called to check about price ($97 including tax) and all that and then took it in. We were greeted by the cutest dog! So friendly and fun to have a dog in the shop. Then they took the phone and said that it would be about 15 minutes but there was someone in front of us whose phone needed an hour. So we said we would come back later. We came back, again greeted by the most adorable dog, and then the phone was ready. Worked perfectly! And for cheaper than the last time he had gotten his phone fixed. They even have a nice little warranty to go along with you. ”
Chelsey V.
“Fast service and best price in the South OKC area. With 2 teenagers I’m sure we will be back!”
Brandi B.
“Beat place to get iphone or any cellular device fixed in oklahoma city and surrounding area. Best price and fast service”
Muna K.
“Honestly, this is the best place in OKC to go if you want to get your phone fixed right. Took my Nokia Lumia 1020 in to get diagnosed(Cell Techs broke my phone..) and the next day he figured exactly what was wrong with it. Even though I didn’t get it fixed here, he told me to just send it in to AT&T and they’d replace it for free;still under warranty. Awesome service!”
Tyler M.
“Great service! The people are very nice and have great deals and they know what they are doing, I highly reccommend Dash Electronics they also have great prices on phone fixes.”
Lester Sanchez
“Great group of guys, took care of all my needs in a very timely manner. Very polite and professional would recommend them a hundred percent very pleased with experience we will use them again.”
Mark Burton
“Very fast and affordable service .. If you need your phone fixed quick or have teenagers who constantly break their phones I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else. Thanks Dash Cellular!”
Krystal Dawne
“I love this place very much, very cheap and affordable. If you are looking for a great place to get your phone repaired I highly recommend Dash”
Dymarus Miles
“The two guys Jesse and Roman were very nice and provided fast and efficient service! Even offered to price match! Will definitely come back for any future cellular issues.”
Loren Osorio